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ISUS offers field trips which can provide students the opportunities to learn exemplary projects in different parts including development and environment by visiting various sites in Korea
ISUS/Field Trip list
No Topic Local Date File
51 [ISUS] 2018-2nd ISUS Field Trip Incheon City 2018-09-14~2018-09-15
50 [MUAP] Field Trip to Gyeongju and Busan Gyeongju and Busan 2018-07-30~2018-08-01
49 [ISUS] 2018-1st ISUS Field Trip Gangwon-do Province 2018-05-11~2018-05-12
48 [ISUS] 2017-2nd ISUS Field Trip Dangjin & Cheonan 2017-12-08~2017-12-09
47 [ISUS] 2017-1st ISUS Field Trip Ilsan and Incheon City 2017-05-26~2017-05-27
46 [MGLEP] Field Trip to Sejong City Sejong City 2017-02-28~2017-02-28
45 [MUAP] Field Trip to Busan City Busan City 2017-02-23~2017-02-25
44 [MGLEP] Field Trip to Busan City Busan City 2017-02-22~2017-02-24
43 [ISUS] ISUS Field Trip to Bugaksan Mountatin T... Seoul City Wall - Bugaksan Mountatin Trail 2016-11-20~2016-11-20
42 [ISUS] ISUS Field Trip to Incheon Internationa... Incheon Metropolitan City 2016-05-20~2016-05-21
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