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Sustainable Urban Development

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Department of Sustainable Urban Development

Acknowledging that Korea is becoming an increasingly significant role in the international society through its involvement international urban development, the Department of Sustainable Urban Development has set its key aim as fostering all around urban professionals with both theoretical bases and practical operational ability who are capable of actively and effectively handling diverse and complex urban issues in developing countries, including housing, transportation, environment, employment, and climate change which are rapidly emerging along with urban population concentration

Major in Sustainable Urban Development

Goals of Education

Training all around urban professionals with both specialized theoretical knowledge and practical operational capability in actively and effectively handling international urban development

Training overseas urban experts and global leaders knowledgeable in the experiences and know-how’s of Korea

Training competent leaders capable of promoting sustainable urban development and fully aware of the approaches which are available for addressing climate change

Object of Education

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university equivalent to a four-year Korean Bachelor’s degree

Period of Education

2 Years(4 Semesters)