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Dean of International School of Urban Sciences Park Hyeon Photo

Welcome to ISUS.

In the midst of rapid urbanization during the process of compressed economic growth our country has accumulated unique experiences and know-how’s in urban development and administration field. Such urban growth of the Republic of Korea has helped gain the attention of many countries abroad hoping for an opportunity of sharing the experience. Meanwhile, although our construction companies have won high reputation in infrastructure development such as road, harbor and plant construction, the turning point for a qualitative take off has become necessary as the competition with other development-pursuing countries intensified.

Like so, having the domestic and foreign demand in consideration, providing a comprehensive solution relative to the urban development and management with our experience and know-how’s and opening the way to the comprehensive package of urban development towards the whole world have become a national agenda that we must pursue. During the process, we anticipate further overseas expansion of the Korean construction companies by the development of new modules.

The University of Seoul, which pioneered through the research and education of urban related fields, has met such demands of the current era by establishing the International School of Urban Sciences with the goal of fostering global city professionals in 2012. On one hand, we educate domestic city professionals so that they will be able to advance towards overseas urban development and management fields, and on the other hand, we provide foreign public officials the opportunity to learn the experience of Korea first-handedly by managing the International Urban Development Program (IUDP). In addition, our graduate school will be the platform on which domestic professionals and foreign public officials cultivate global perspectives and insights by interacting with each other and create an international network.
The ISUS is committed to establishing itself as the center of research and international cooperation in the area of urban sciences.

We expect your continued interest and support. Thank you.

Dean of International School of Urban Sciencessign