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10 What are the requirements for MUAP applicants? MUAP 2017-04-18 923

1. Applicant qualification

  • Foreign nationals whose parents are noth foreign nationals
  • Applicants who have excellent command of both spoken & written English
  • Applicants who are in good health. (Pregnancy is regarded as a disqualifying conditon)

2. Career qulaificaiton

  • Covermental officials who experienced more than 3 years and under 40-year-age
  • College graduates orthouse with equivalent degrees


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9 I am currently not employed. Am I eligible to apply? MUAP 2017-04-18 599

No, only public officials are eligible to apply for MUAP program.

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8 How can I apply for MUAP program MUAP 2017-04-18 577

You can apply for our program online at  International School Urban Sciences website. 

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7 I failed the last year’s selection. Do I have to submit documents again? MUAP 2017-04-18 381

Yes, please apply for this year’s application again.

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6 I do not have any English test score. Can I apply for MUAP program? MUAP 2017-04-18 642


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5 How long will it take for participants to complete IUDP Master's programs? IUDP 2014-11-12 1862

It takes two years(4 semesters) for every participant to graduate. 


But the curriculum and the length of stay in Korea defer from the program. IUDP program operate two master's programs: MUAP (Master of Urban Administration and Planning) & MGLEP (Master‘s Program for Future Global Leaders in Environmental Policy)


MUAP requires the participants to complete the coursework within 1 year (2 semesters), and they are supposed to to return to their home country, and finish thesis submission within 1 year (2 semesters).


MGLEP stays for 2 years (4 semesters) in Korea and is supposed to complete coursework and thesis submission during stay.

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4 Do I have to currently work in public sector? IUDP 2014-11-12 1728

Do I have to currently work in public sector?


Yes. Two masters programs allow candidates only from public officials . There are the eligibility of prospective students for each program. Candidates should be a government official or a public sector employee with experience more than 3 years. 

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3 How much is the application fee? IUDP 2014-11-12 1883

How much is the application fee?


No fee is imposed. 

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2 How is the interview conducted? IUDP 2014-11-12 2028

How is the interview conducted?


The interview is approximately 10 minutes long and the interview questions vary depending on the interviewee. The interview date, time, and type are arranged for those who pass the document review. 

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1 Outline of IUDP Admission IUDP 2014-11-12 2065

Outline of IUDP Admission


IUDP operates the two Master's programs: MUAP & MGLEP. Please refer to the outline of the respective program as below.







Applicants must  

Be a citizen of the Scholarship Program target countries 

Be officially nominated or endorsed by his/her government 

Hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent 

Have sufficient command of both spoken & written English to take classes conducted entirely in English 

Be 40 years old or younger at the time of application and in good health, both physically and mentally 

Have not previously received a scholarship for a Master degree program from Korean government 

Be a municipality official with experience more than 3 years 

Be a government official or a public sector employee 


Public officials whose work is closely related to national territory planning, urban and regional planning, infrastructure planning and development, and other areas of physical planning and development 


25 months (Starting from Aug. of the entry year)

*On-campus: 13 months
*Off-campus: 12 months in home country 

24 months (Starting from Aug. of the entry year)


Round 1: Evaluation of Application Package  /  Round 2: Phone Interview  


April to June of the entry year 

April to June of the entry year 


Address : 

International Urban Development Program (IUDP) Manager, IUDP, #5225, Liberal Arts Building, International School of Urban Sciences, University of Seoul, 163 Siripdae-ro, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul 130-743, KOREA

TEL : +82-2-6490-5139(MUAP), 5158(MGLEP)      FAX : +82-2-6490-5141
Homepage :                        E-mail: / 



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